About the CLEARFIELD* Production System

The CLEARFIELD Production System is a system of seeds and herbicides that optimizes your resources from planting through harvest.The CLEARFIELD Production System combines advanced genetics produced using enhanced plant-breeding methods with state-of-the-art herbicides. The seeds and herbicides are specially developed to work together to produce greater yields. Each herbicide in the CLEARFIELD family of herbicides is custom designed to provide exceptional contact and soil activity to control the weeds most likely to plague a specific crop. And value-added seeds with the CLEARFIELD technology have been developed to tolerate CLEARFIELD herbicides so your crops thrive as weeds wither and die.In addition, CLEARFIELD herbicides offer an optimal environmental profile as a result of imidazolinone technology, which affects an enzyme found in plants, but not in animals, birds, fish or insects.

Caring for your Plug Plants in 2017

When dealing with young plants, there are two very important factors to consider, which are temperature, and watering. If a smaller plant gets cold, it’s much more likely to die, and at the very least is less likely to grow to it’s full potential. This is particularly true of geranium plug plants, also known as pelargoniums, which can even stop flowering if they receive a nasty frost when they’re exposed.

We recommend Babyplants.co.uk for any plug plants you wish to purchase in the UK, as they are a Which? recommended supplier.


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